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Useful Links in UK

Algerian Embassy in London:
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):
UK Trade & Investment:
HM Revenue & Customs:
Export Credits Guarantee Department:
London Chamber of Commerce:
Confederation of British Industry (CBI):
Business Link:

Useful Links in Algeria

Finance, customs, banks

Ministry of Finance:
Directorate General of Forecasting and Policies:
Directorate General of Taxes:
Directorate General of Customs:
Bank of Algeria:
National Bank of Algeria:
National Fund for Savings (CNEP):
Stock Exchange of Algiers:
Commission for Organisation and Monitoring of Stock Exchange Operations:
Foreign Bank of Algeria:

Trade and associations of fairs and exhibitions

Ministry of Commerce:
Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Algerian Society of Fairs and Exportation:
National Trade Registry:
National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade:
Algerian Company for Export Insurance and Guarantees:

Industry and investment promotion

Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Investment Promotion:
National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI):
National Agency for Intermediation and Land Regulation (ANIREF):

Energy and mining

Ministry of Energy and Mining:
Hydrocarbons Regulatory Authority:
Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission:
Bulletin of tenders in the energy and mining sector:
Sonatrach (Algeria’s national oil and gas company):
Sonelgaz (Algeria’s national electricity and gas company):
Algerian Energy Company:
Algerian gold-mining company (ENOR):
National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of Energy Use:
National Agency for Mining Patrimony:

Other ministerial departments

Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development:
Ministry of Water Resources:
Ministry for Tourism and Handcraft:
Ministry of Postal Services and Telecommunications:
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

Other national organisations

National Office of Statistics:
Algerian Accreditation Centre:
Algerian Institute of Standardisation:

Links to resources for finding Algerian businesses

Site for the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Site for Algerian businesses:
Directories of Algerian businesses:

Key publications for foreign investors

La Bourse des Affaires (Business Exchange): published by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI)                       (to subscribe, contact: )

LICCAL La Lettre d’Information (Newsletter): monthly bulletin published by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry        (to subscribe, send a request by fax to: 00 213 21 96 70 70)

Bulletin officiel des marchés de l’opérateur public (Official Bulletin of Public Operator Markets)                                   (to subscribe, contact: )


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