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Fredrick R Hyde-Chambers

OBE Executive Chairman of EPDI


FRHC has thirty three years of experience of working with Parliaments. He developed the first Business and Parliament Dialogue Centres in the Westminster Parliament, the Industry and Parliament Trust, which is now an established resource for both Houses of Parliament and senior officers of the Westminster Parliament. He has personally advised on the establishment of all the Business and Parliament Dialogue Centres that have been established in sixteen countries ranging from New Zealand to Spain and Finland. In 1997 he helped to establish the Code of Principles which defines a Dialogue Centre, underpins all the activities and is the guarantee of the integrity of the activities. Latterly he has focused on assisting countries in transition to establish Dialogue Centres, including Armenia, Moldova and Georgia helping to shape them to the national circumstances and needs.
 In 2003, FRHC received the OBE for his services to Parliament and the business community.


Alan Mitchell

MENA Regional Consultant


Alan has spent many years in the Middle East especially in Qatar, UAE and Lebanon working in the earlier years for well -known Banks and financial institutions.

Alan served with a British Bank in various MENA locations and followed this as representative for the Irving Trust, one Wall St based out of Beirut and travelling within the MENA region extensively.

He later headed the corporate business for Chase Manhattan Bank in Abu Dhabi, UAE, following his setting-up the Commercial Bank of Qatar in association with Chase Manhattan Bank; and managing this regional bank as CEO for several years.

An Arabist (graduate of the Middle East Centre of Arabic Studies) combined with this 25+ years banking experience provided a solid footing for Alan’s move into Private Business and Financial Consultancy in the early 80’s.In the ensuing years, Alan has provided a number of well known international and local companies with advice on how to penetrate and expand their business within the MENA region, names as: Costain (Muscat),Westinghouse Electronic Systems, Charles Percy and Associates, Horizons Technology Inc(San Diego), Bechtel USA, Lockheed Martin, Great Lakes (Chicago), The Environmental Research Lab (Tucson), Air France Industries, Al Areeb (Saudi), Ministry of Health of Qatar.

Alan found time to play a very active role with Middle East Association in the nineties and early 2000 as the Finance committee-member. During this time he helped mentor many of the Association’s over 500 leading UK companies engaged in business in the Middle East and North Africa.

All of the foregoing provided Alan with a deep exposure to the culture and business environment within the MENA while helping him cement many contacts in and out of all of the region.

Alan is currently Owner/Director, PGM Associates Ltd, business and financial consultancy house based in London and specialising in the promotion of business between USA, Europe and the MENA region. He is currently active with Thales(Fr-Air Traffic); Delma (UK-GSM Tracking, IT and Surveillance), ATE Communication(UK-Tetra); Raytheon Systems Co. A specialisation of PGM is in developing Offset proposals underpinned by practical business prospects as appropriate to the Region

A Mitchell’s Business Achievements up to date
Expanded tremendously the business base and profitability of the Ottoman/ Grindlays Bank Branches in the UAE and Qatar,1962 - 1970.
Played a key role in setting-up the Ottoman Bank in 1968 as partners with the Dubai owners in the Bank of Oman (now Mashrek Bank).

Expanded the business base of the Bank of NY ( Irving Trust NY) during the period 1970-74 as representative working out of Beirut. This manifested itself in a large increase in business from the GCC and N African countries due largely to extensive contacts within this region.

Played a key role in establishing the Commercial Bank of Qatar in the mid-70’s, in negotiating the management contract with the Chase Manhattan bank, and then in taking on full management responsibility for the bank as CEO where, by the time of his departure 4 years later, the bank was returning profits equivalent to four times its capital funds annually, and employing 80 staff and 4 full time Chase officers including A Mitchell

In two years, tripled the Chase Manhattan's corporate lending base out of its Abu Dhabi office late 70’s.

Thereafter in private consultancy and project development work:

Played a key role as representative for engineering clients on hi-value awards for:

2 major civil engineering works with Abu Dhabi National Oil Co
1 important offshore mechanical project with Conoco, Dubai
The University of Qatar products plant project for the Ruler's office in Doha
 A bank headquarters in Dubai
400 bed general hospital, client: UAE Ministry of Health

Successfully negotiated an out-of-court settlement with the Iranian Authorities on behalf of a US client whose property had been seized in Iran.                                                             

Helped establish a Technology Transfer company with the University of  Arizona's ERL Department and started-up operations for this company with diverse national associates throughout the Mideast - the Ruler of Sharjah, the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, an Egyptian Private investor, and the Riyadh Development Authority in association with the Saudi Royal Commission. During this time, raised $45m development funds from Mideast sources.                                            

Helped the A Dhabi Private Hospital Group – Palomar – overcome their problems on the provision of hospital care in London for UAE Military nationals and their families travelling to UK for treatment

2008/9 - handled an important short term consultancy program for the Qatar MOH regarding the development of a RFP, pre-qualifying suitable bidders for fast-tracking a $12m HIS program for a green-field hospital site at Dukhan, Qatar.

Helped package for two major defence suppliers’ important Offset Programs.

Otherwise, have played a key and successful role as Consultant, and/ or Representative on various Civil Air and Air Defence programs in the MENA region to a value in excess of $1.3bl.


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